Votre agence de communication.

« L’équipe Pilipili est là pour “épicer” vos produits, votre marque ainsi que votre identité visuelle. Nous mettons, à votre service, notre passion du graphisme et du digital afin de faciliter votre vie. De la création à la production, notre approche globale apporte une réponse à chacun de vos besoins. »


Your media/digital/graphic design agency.


Who we are? Experienced yet bold, young yet mature, aggressive yet sensitive, quick yet agile, powerful yet smooth…this is who we are ;)


« Pilipili team is ready to spice up your brand, products, visual identity.  We bring our passion in digital & graphic design to support you and make your life easier. From ideas & concept to production, our comprehensive approach will guide you through your brand, logo, packaging and digital communication. »



Brand Identity


Brand identity is who you are. Great brands are recognized at a simple glance. We’ll help you to achieve large recognition. Size does not matter,

every brand deserves a clear and powerful identity.  


Industrial design


Your products should not only comply with your industrial, economic and operational constraints, but it should also be attractive. Being sensitive to all these different aspects of a product development, we work closely

with your R&D team to create the best in class product.

Packaging Design


Need some help to choose your outfit for your first date?

That’s what it is all about. Great packaging makes great product.

Great product cannot be taken home without an attractive outfit.

We are your personal tailor. 


Brand Activation


A brand is not static. It is your child, so you have to dress it up, take it out, nourish it, well…take care of it to make it grow. We’ll make your business grow through smart and efficient activation.  

Digital & Web


The world of digital is infinite. Let us be your personal driver through this fantastic world of communication. Communicating your image, your brands, through social networks and the web, has no secret for us.



Last but not least, production. Great ideas need great executions. How often your printer told you that it’s not his fault but the one of your design agency? By managing your projects up to the end, we ensure you execution excellence.  

Mockups & prototypes


Creatively speaking, we take your concept ideas from design to mockups. Producing client mock prototype packaging projects that are unique. We offer premium quality packaging mockups, prototypes. Whether it is a box packaging mockup, or any 3D product mockup, all types of mockups are created according to your provided specifications and can be produced in a wide variety of substrates and finishes.



A picture is not just a simple representation, but the translation of your dream into reality. Only passion of photography will help you to achieve the unachievable.



New office, new atmosphere: always seeking to serve you better! 


Proud to manage the projects of those brands...

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41 Avenue Cardinal Mercier, B-5000 Namur - BELGIUM

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